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Epson SureColor SC-F2260

The Epson F2160 DTG printer is super easy to operate and maintain, and delivers low cost, high quality
Direct to Garment AND Direct to Film customisation of shirts, caps, bags and more. 

The perfect “hybrid” DTG and DTF printer solution

Epson F2260 DTG DTF printer

The SureColor SC-F2260 direct-to-garment printer lets you set up and start printing t-shirts and other items straight away, with a complete purpose-built solution including printer, printhead, inks and software. This new model offers faster, higher quality printing, with reduced user intervention and the ability to create your own designs.

High Quality DTG Prints

The F2260 features a sold chassis with high precision head and platen movement.  Incorporating the latest Epson PrecisionCore™ MicroTFP technology, the print head is 33% larger with 11% more nozzles for faster production and offers superior accurancy and consistency with high reliability and durability.

The printer processes a job through a customised look-up table that selects the precise amount of ink  before the printer applies it quickly and evenly for a superior image with high colour accurancy and minimal ink consumption – that’s high quality + lower costs!

Highlight White offers simultaneous printing of White and color inks on the color pass for greatly improved image quality, speed, and efficiency.

Epson Precision Core Variable Dot

High Quality DTG Inks

Superior pigment ink technology developed by Epson as part of it’s turnkey DTG solution (Print head + printer + inks + software) delivers a wide color gamut and a product that is safe for use by infants, children and adults alike.  (Epson’s UltraChrome DG ink has been awarded an ECO PASSPORT certification from OEKO-TEX® – this is an international safety standard in the textile industry)

Easy & Accurate Garment Loading system

Loading and unloading garments to the printer has never been easier with your choice of using the included platen with the grip pad for rapid loading and unloading of garmetns or  with a frame that comes supplied with the platen for maximum placement precision and image quality.

The loading area has been made cleaner with less items to snag garments or film

Fine height adjustment is now automatic to ensure faster loading, better and more consistent print quality. As a garment is fed into the printer the height is checked and the head height adjusted by up to 3.5mm with a 2mm loading tolerance. The control panel enables additional adjustment of the gap target (most detected, lowest and highest point across the print area).

The F2260 features a standard  platen size of 356x406mm (print area) – and has a maximum print area of 406 x 508mm with the (optional) large platen – great for those oversized adult garments and larger merchandise items.  With a full suite of easy to swap, optional platens, including Medium, extra Small, Sleeve & Grooved (for plackets and zips), you’ll be ready to print a range of garments and products with the Epson F2260 DTG printer. 

Epson F2260 DTG self cleaning print head

Operational Reliability / Low User Maintenance

With daily self-cleaning and maintenance and featuring in-line cleaning solution and a print head dust / lint guard, this printer is one of the most reliable in it’s class.  

The integrated Automatic Head Wiper removes ink build up from print heads and fluff from the dust catcher.

The triple white ink filtration system and patented automatic white ink recirculation system substantially reduce white ink nozzle clogging (over other white ink DTG printers).  

Less than 10 minutes PER WEEK of user maintenance is typically required to keep the Epson F2260 running at optimum performance, meaning that it is ready to run when you are!

Mix it up with DTF (Direct to Film)

Take advantage of spare print capacity of your DTG printer and print Direct to Film (DTF).   

Combining the best of DTG, heat transfer & screenprinting, DTF allows you to offer a wider range of products & services without the need to purchase additional print equipment!  Apply prints to areas that you typically can’t (easily) get to with DTG – like sleeves, pockets, caps, shoes and more.  Decorate a wider range of fabrics as well – including dark polyesters – all with high quality and durable prints! 

The EcoFreen range of DTF films and powders have been developed & manufactured specifically for use with Epson inks and DTG printers (like the Epson F2260) – giving you consistently high quality prints.  2

Use of Ecofreen products with the Epson DTG printers will not impact on the Epson printer warranty if the DTF products are used correctly.  This includes (but not limited to) ensuring that DTF powder application is processed well away from the printer – we recommend at least 5 metres.  This distance recommendation applies also to pretreat application in DTG mode.

Ecofreen DTF Powder
Ecofreen DTF Powder

What are the Benefits of a Hybrid DTG/DTF Printer?

Roll to Roll production can offer an efficient solution for print runs that are long and standardized. Each job takes time to set up but when production commences it can be completed reasonably quickly. When orders are shorter the process becomes a lot less efficient, requiring proportionally more labor for set up, management and finishing.

Additionally, the requirement for the roll to roll printer + finishing equipment to be “in-line” can make it a very large footprint, and can be challenging to fit in to a smaller workspace.

Hybrid production is more flexible. It supports a wide range of output volumes, from single prints to multiples. Set-up is simpler while finishing is easier.
With the F2260, operators have the advantage of a 3rd generation machine with proven reliability, durability and outstanding image quality. Equipment is backed by a comprehensive single-vendor warranty that covers all components including the critical (and expensive) print heads with service cover extendable up to a total of 5 years.
They also have the ability to switch seamlessly back and forward from DTG to DTFilm and create a much wider range of output for superior value and return on investment.


CMYK+W Bundle with 1yr CoverPlus

Epson SC-F2260 configured for White + CMYK printing
Medium Platen & Platen Grip
Maintenance Kit &
Head Cleaning Kit
1yr CoverPlus Warranty

CMYK+W Bundle with 3yr CoverPlus

Epson SC-F2260 configured for White + CMYK printing
Medium Hanger Platen & Platen Grip
Maintenance Kit &
Head Cleaning Kit
1yr Warranty PLUS 1 x 2yr CoverPlus Service Pack

CMYK+W Bundle with 5yr CoverPlus

Epson SC-F2260 configured for White + CMYK printing
Medium Platen & Platen Grip
Maintenance Kit &
Head Cleaning Kit
1yr Warranty PLUS 2 x 2yr CoverPlus Service Pack

* Pricing excludes GST unless specified otherwise.  Delivery & installation/training costs are additional

Epson SureColor F2160 DTG Specifications

Print Technology

Printing Technology 1.33″ PrecisionCore® MicroTFP with VSDT drop- on-demand, inkjet printhead with ink-repelling coating technology Ink Type Epson Ultrachrome® DG2 Ink; 5-color Ink Configuration C, M, Y, K, WH, WH Nozzle Configuration 400 nozzles x 8; 6 ink cartridge bays; 1 cleaning cartridge bay Max. Resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi Minimum Ink Droplet Size 12.8pl Features Fan-less enclosure Automatic head wiping Easier macro height adjustment Self-washing Capping System Variable Sized Droplet Technology

Epson Ink Supply System

Ink Cartridge Fill Volume Max 800 mL each color x 6 cartridges total ; 800 mL maintenance liquid Ink Pack Shelf Life 2 years from printed production date or 6 months after opening Ink is optimized for 100% cotton to 50/50 polyester blends. Printer is designed for use with Epson ink cartridges only, not third-party ink systems*1. Features Mist Extraction Multi-stage filter Automatic ink recirculation



5 Colour Configuration

Fast Production: 28s (Colour Only), 52s (White Only), 89s (White + Colour)
Production: 43s (Colour Only), 49s (White Only), 142s (White + Colour)
Quality: 128s (Colour Only), 213s (White Only), 321s (White + Colour)

Optional 4 Colour Configuration

High Speed: 17s
Production: 28 seconds
High Quality: 105 seconds

Figures are print speed only for 346 x 408 mm image output using Epson Garment Creator 2. The printer supports a range of modes to suit different workflow, application, and quality requirements (a limited selection of these are documented above). Customers are recommended to check with us on which mode is appropriate to their individual need and the consequential speed that may be achievable. It should be noted that actual print times will vary depending on a range of variables including the printer configuration, image size and type, print mode, software selection, PC specification, and networking configuration. It should be further noted that for direct-to-garment operation additional time will be required for pre-treatment, loading, flattening, unloading and fixing while direct-to-film operation will require time for powder application, liquefaction and transfer.

Media Support

Direct to Garment Untreated moderate to loose weave fabric Optimal results with material containing 50% or more cotton Can also be used with selected polyester material (requires polyester pre-treat with customers recommended to test fabric before commencing production) Direct to Film Can be used with a range of third-party film and powder types Results vary by brand (test before commencing production) Max Thickness & Weight 27mm, 1.5kg per item Max Print Area Large Platen: 406 x 508mm Standard & Medium Grooved Platen: 356 x 406mm Small Platen: 254 x 305mm Extra Small Platen: 178 x 203mm Sleeve Platen: 102 x 102mm


Features 4.3” Colour LCD with touch control Interface  Rear High Speed USB 2.0 & Ethernet 1000Base-T Front panel USB for file storage & uploading (FAT32 format) Memory 1Gb Software Web download: Communications Driver, Installer Package, Web Installer*, Manual Package*, Software Updater*, Firmware Updater*, EpsonNet Setup, EpsonNet Config & EpsonNet Print. Epson Garment Creator 2* and Photoshop Plugin, Epson Edge Dashboard (DTG Edition)*, Epson LFP Accounting Tool * Windows & Mac compatible. All other applications are Windows only except for ECSP which can be accessed via a standard web browser or dedicated Android/Mac app. Online: Epson Cloud Solution PORT (ECSP)*



Operational Temperature
10 ˚ to 35 ˚C (50 ˚ to 95 ˚F)

Operational Humidity
20 – 80% (no condensation)
Power Supply
AC 100 – 240V, 50 – 60Hz, 3.4-1.6A

Power Consumption
46W Operating, 30 W ready, 7 W sleep

Operating Noise

37 dB



Weight and Dimensions 981 W x 1361D x 499mm H (39″ x 54″ x 20″), 95kg (209lb) (medium hanger platen, no ink) Packaging 1434 W x 1209 D x 897mm H (57″ x 48″ x 35″), 143kg (315lb) (main unit)

What's in the box

Printer, Power Cord, Waste Ink Bottle, 1 x Standard Medium Platen, 1 x Standard Platen Grip Pad, 1 x Grip Pad Flattening Tool, 1 x Head Cleaning Kit, 1 x Maintenance Kit, 1 x Ink Initialisation/ Charging Unit, Set-Up Guide, Utility & User manual (CD)

Set of 250ml CMYK ink carts & 3 x Cleaning Carts

20L Cotton Pre-Treatment & 2 x 600ml White ink Carts additionally included with 5C configurations.
The ink supplied with the printer is sufficient to enable set-up, configuration and test printing; Epson recommends purchase of an additional cartridge set to enable full production. It is important to consider production needs and discuss these with your dealer prior to purchase and installation; once the machine has been set-up it is not possible to change the base configuration.

System Requirements

A Personal Computer will be required for installation and operation of this printing system. When using the USB direct print function files must be processed through Garment Creator first.

Designed to operate with a low-mid range PC or Macintosh with 1GB or more memory & 32GB or more storage, Mac OS 10.1 or higher / Win 7 32/64bit or higher. Web access will be required during installation and a CD-ROM drive is recommended for software/manual loading (also available via download).

A 3rd party Heat Press with adjustable temperature, pressure and timer (such as the ST-4050A) will be required. 

Use of white ink and output on fabric a high level of polyester, rayon or other man-made fibres requires material to be pre-treated prior to printing. Pre-treatment liquid can be applied manually (roller or spray) however for optimum results a pre-treatment machine is recommended.

Printer Interfaces

Hi-Speed USB 2.0 (1.1 compatible)
USB Flash Memory (Under 32GB, FAT32 format)
10/100 Ethernet

Operating Systems Supported

Windows 10 and 8.1, Windows Vista®, macOS 10.13 – Mac®
OS X® 10.6

Installation, Operation & Support

After sales support is co-ordinated via Epson’s authorised dealer network. In the situation where a hardware repair is required this will be organised by your dealer and provided by Epson free on-site within metro locations (regional locations will attract additional charges).

A comprehensive 1 year warranty provides cover on all non-consumable parts (including print heads) up to their maximum rated life. It is provided conditional on the use of correct and Genuine Epson ink, appropriate cleaning and maintenance (per the user guide & as advised by Epson from time to time), following of the documented run-down process should a printer not be used for an extended period, regular cartridge agitation & timely consumption, operation with correct platen height setting, garment preparation, pre-treatment and flattening. For full details on conditions and terms, please refer to warranty section of the Epson Australia web site.

Cover can be extended up to a maximum of 5 years on-site through purchase of optional CoverPlus. CoverPlus adds additional premium service response and cover for parts which reach end of life during the coverage period and initial 1 year warranty. CoverPlus can be purchased with the printer or up to a maximum of 365 days after.

Payment Info

We offer several payment options at checkout, for your convenience:

Bank details for direct deposit / bank transfer will be provided at time of checkout, and also in the order confirmation email that is generated when your online order is received.

Those details are:

Bank: Westpac Banking Corporation
Account Number:  219562
BSB: 032-111

If making payment by direct deposit / bank transfer, be sure to use your order ID as the payment reference and to email a copy of the bank receipt confirming payment to orders@dtgsolutions.com.au.  If the email confirmation of payment is not received, your order will ship only when funds have cleared to our bank account.

Shipping Info

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How Quickly will I Receive my order?

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