Direct To Garment Printing Servicing & Training

DTG Printer Servicing

Looking for a DTG Technician? We have been working with (training, servicing & repairs) direct to garment printers since they were introduced into Australia back in 2004. We are factory trained and authorised for service & repairs to the DTG Digital brand range of printers, and have direct access to parts and consumable supplies.

Our DTG printer technicians can also provide an overhaul / refurbishment service for your DTG T-shirt printing machine if it needs a little TLC.

DTG Printer Training

You don’t necessarily need any specific skills in order to build a successful business based on, or complemented by, your Direct to Garment / T-shirt printer. Just some solid computer competence, realistic expectations as to what you can achieve with your garment printer, and most importantly, the training to acquire the knowledge on how best to achieve those expectations.

DTG Solutions has been assisting DTG operators get consistent, professional results from their garment printing machines for over 15 years, having installed and provided training for the very first DTGs in Australia, and scores more since then.